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Red Dawn


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College jock-turned-Marine, Jed Eckert (Chris Hemsworth) takes it upon himself to save his country from the North Koreans’ sudden invasion. With no skilled soldiers by his side, he gives his younger brother Matt (Josh Peck) and his college friends a crash course in military training. Within days, the kids who didn’t know how to hold a gun, become sharp shooters as they indulge in guerilla warfare against the Koreans. They call themselves ‘The Wolverines‘. Can the unarmed Wolverines protect their town and country from a full-fledged Korean army?

Red Dawn intends to be an inspiring tale of patriotism, bravery and national pride, revolving around a bunch of teenagers. It however looks more like an ambitious action film, made by inexperienced youngsters. The movie looks highly juvenile. The sequence of events defies logic. Poor performances by certain actors who get to play key roles add to the uncalled-for humour.

Josh Peck disappoints the most. He is unable to express the varied emotions his role demands from him. Be it his inner conflict, anger or guilt, Peck is annoying as he ends up overacting in the process. Chris Hemsworth, probably the only ‘seasoned’ actor, is convincing but the laughable script takes away from his performance. After getting a meaty role in ‘The Hunger Games‘, Josh Hutcherson doesn’t get to do much. He however plays his standard ‘confused teen’ role well. Tom Cruise’s son Connor gets a significant role and he does impress. The forgettable film will not add much to his portfolio though. The gun-wielding actresses ensure the film looks glamorous.

Red Dawn does offer a few slick action scenes but it lacks substance big time. Everything looks very convenient. You don’t feel for the characters.You don’t root for them, in spite of them being the underdogs. Romance gets plugged in for no reason and it looks out of place. There is no chemistry between the actors and thus the bonding looks shallow too.

The film is unintentionally funny and this very aspect entertains you the most unfortunately! The film is not slow or dull but it is way too immature for you to like it.

Story :-

A remake of the 80s film by the same name, Red Dawn is about a group of American youngsters who decide to battle it out with the North Koreans who invade their town.

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