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Love Possible


Review :-

Forget ‘where there is a will there is way’. If debutant writer-turned-producer-turned-director J H Nakra’s dream project Love Possible is possible, then everything is possible. Try this:

A training institute that actually teaches secretaries to catch on to the weakness of their bosses? Possible. Gaurav Jaitely (Karan Mehra), a young millionaire honcho, walking into his office each day video gaming, sucking a lollipop, switching on some bizarre music and dancing all over? Possible. Gaurav’s best buddy Vinay (Raj Singh Arora) walking into his friend’s office each day to pick up a cheque of two lakhs minimum, courtesy friendship account? Possible. Gaurav hiring a secretary — Srishti (Srishti Sharma) — based on the 4s mantra: simple, sweet, sexy, solid, and Srishti’s typing out her own appointment letter? Possible. Gaurav’s biggest tragedy: losing his ‘bathroom singer dad’ while the latter was in his elements (yes, it’s all in the genes)? Possible. Gaurav falling for Srishti — he wants a mother figure, she wants a ‘munna’ of a husband? Possible. Some seven (and counting) odd songs, sometimes with the CEO in a towel, and sometimes his secretary with a trumpet? Possible. Amidst all this love-relationship-honesty-trust-shortcut-to-success-mess, a not-so-bad performance by Karan Mehra (only)? Possible.
Talk of watching Love Possible? Perhaps, impossible.

Story :-

Secretary Srishti Shetty has a dream — get married to her rich boss and live happily ever after. So what’s the problem? Her boss Gaurav Jaitely’s best buddy, Vinay, who is all out to exploit his very own friend. Can Srishti stop her boss from being duped?

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