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Amit Sahni Ki List


Review :-

Move over chick flicks for guy flicks have arrived and it’s only fair that rom-coms are now being made about boys looking for ‘Miss Right’. With his sharp wit and refreshing nonchalance, Virr Das in the titular role brings out the irony of the situation effortlessly. He makes a list of qualities that his lady love must possess. In a hilarious opening scene, he even dumps a girl for not liking Sachin Tendulkar. And since ‘opposites attract’, he falls for a free-spirited Mala (Vega Tamotia). But Cupid plays a cruel game when Devika (Anindita Nayar), the girl of Amit’s dreams (read list), comes into his life soon after.

The protagonist’s self-talk and confused state of mind will remind you of Saif Ali Khan in Kal Ho Naa Ho. But Virr Das adds his own unique sensibility to the character, which works. He proves why Bollywood should go beyond the star kids, Khans and Kapoors and give non-filmi talent its due. The highlight of the film is a scene where a ‘break-up consultant’ gives a presentation on why a couple should part ways. It epitomises how romance has gone out of the window and how cynical we have become in times of smart-phones and social media. However, ASKL has its share of drawbacks, if not deal-breakers. In spite of the smart comic punches, timing and earnest performances, the story lacks the ability to engage you thoroughly. A few scenes (Amit seeking relationship advice from his best friend) seem unfunny. Songs are pointless. Also, the story moves at a lethargic pace and it gets to you since you can predict the ending. Mismatch or Miss Right? Instead of waiting for that ‘perfect rom-com’, you can give this a try.

Story :-

Amit Sahni Ki List is a quirky first-person account of a sophisticated investment banker who’s looking for the ‘perfect’ girl and ‘perfect’ relationship.

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