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Remote control Ranbir is here. He can change your mood with a flick of an emotion. Laughter, tears, joy and palang tod romeo-giri. Bedazzling the eyes with baubles, goggles and padded crotches. Yes, he packs in this ‘bulge’ with besharmi and fearlessness.

At the outset, let me tell you that Kashyap’s (‘Dabangg’ fame) ‘Besharam’ lacks a kadak story. It has thoda herogiri, clap-trap dialogues, freestyle rowdy dancing and stylish stunts (borrowed from recent action films). Bas! But RK drives this one (taking fuel and pee breaks) through fast freeways and rocky roads.

Babli (Ranbir), a baap-less boy, is a car mechanic-cum-thief, with braveheart. Along with his partner-in-crime, Titu (Amitosh Nagpal), they steal cars to support the orphanage that housed them. The smooth operators have a touch of class too, they dress like MIB (‘Men In Black’) call themselves T1 & T2 (‘Terminator’).

During one carnama, they encounter the comical cop-couple, Chulbul (Rishi) and Bulbul (Neetu) Chautala. Enter Tara (Pallavi), the ‘beauttee’ he falls for. He breaks her heart and spends the rest of the film fixing dils and dents.

This seems like Kashyap’s test-drive with Ranbir, with average direction, un-moving music, and a screenplay that is unoriginal and so low on horsepower that it deflates before he revs the reel. He relies on the sheer 3K (read: Kapoors) power to entertain.

Ranbir’s role may not be path-breaking, yet he’s in full control. He plays a riotous rowdy with utter confidence; using gags padded (stuffing his crotch with socks – even men need ‘enhancement’, no?), with humour that’s corny and horny. Ranbir is shamelessly, stylishly superb! If comic cracks weren’t enough, watch out ladies – there’s a real one, a flashed ‘butt-crack’ by RK!

Second in command is his baap, really – Rishi Kapoor. He steals one of the best moments of the film when he gyrates to ‘Badtameez Dil’. He brilliantly plays the not-so-dabangg Chulbul, with a biwi (in adorable act) who fires (verbal) bullets and chides his mardangi. Newcomer Pallavi is confident but needs coaching. Amitosh Nagpal (Titu) adds fuel to the comic-fire.

While this is far from the best films of the year, if you shamelessly love Ranbir, go for it.

Story :-

Babli steals cars, fears nothing and romances like a rowdy Romeo. But gets away with benevolence and besharmi.

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