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Titanic 3D


Review :-

It took some 300 hundred people, 60 weeks, 279,000 frames and $18 million more (initially costing some $200 million) for director James Cameron to sink the Titanic all over again. Not to say, his earlier Titanic (1997) did not have its fair share of numbers to deal with: a movie stretching to 194 minutes; a movie bagging 11 Oscars that year. The fact that James Cameron managed to blend steamy romance with mind-blowing depiction of disaster made the film even more spectacular. Watching the Titanic sink, with all the attendant creaks and cracks, was truly a milestone moment in movie lore. That was then. For now, the Big Question: What is it that really makes Titanic (1997) look all different from Titanic (2012)?

For starters, the decor and dresses look more elegant, the ocean more blue and deadly, the ship more huge and gigantic. Not to miss out is Kate Winslet’s very first entry with an enormous hat and an even more enormous bow. Spectacular. Next, it’s the sweeping and romantic shot of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as ‘king (and queen) of the world’. More iconic a shot in 3D. But then unfortunately, Cameron’s real trick-n-treat visual wizardry is primarily seen during the last 30 minutes of the movie. Perhaps, that’s why you just can’t wait for the Titanic to snap. And snap it does, 3D ishtyle. Right from the luxury liner being hit by the oh-so-big iceberg, water blasting through the hull, those on board being washed away by violent waves… to the ship’s final plunge as it breaks into two, is what makes Titanic different… and worth a watch ek baar phir! Special mention: 1) The section of the ship rising up perpendicular to the ocean 2) Hundred of lifeless bodies floating around in the cold water… in the middle of nowhere.

So grab your 3D glasses and book yourself a tryst with the turn-of-the-century cinema all over again. And incase you feel the wait (for the special effects to set the screen ablaze) is too long, worry not. It’s the overwhelming sentimentality of the liner, along with the then Kate-and-Leo chemistry, that still classifies the Titanic as an epic romance, 3D or no 3D.

A word about James Cameron: No doubt Cameron is mastering the art of advancing technology, not just in the world of cinema, but his very own cinema. First Avatar (followed by Avatar 3D), now Titanic.

Tip off :-

You know what’s coming up next on screen. But rest assured, you still won’t mind seeing the Titanic sink all over again – in 3D… exactly a hundred years from the moment it actually happened.

Story :-

The love story between commoner Jack Dawson ( Leonardo DiCaprio) and aristocratic Rose Dewitt Bukater (Kate Winslet), set against the ornate yet tragic backdrop of the sinking luxury liner, sends out all the right signals. It talks of a love that is passionate, permanent, soul stirring, death defying and powerful enough to break all barriers of class and destiny.

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