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If you are a fan of Rajinikanth’s over-the-top action, if films like Wanted, Dabangg and Singham entertain you and if you like Sanju baba’s style, Policegiri is bound to make you whistle. Clearly catering to the masses and fans of masala potboilers, this Hindi remake of Tamil blockbuster Saamy (2003) has all the right ingredients, required to appeal to its audience. It has the standard ‘cop-cleansing-crime’ theme, gravity defying stunts, slow-mo loud action scenes, dramatic storyline, over-dramatic dialogues, superhero-esque cop and a funny villain. Bollywood’s fixation for formulaic cop films with south sensibility continues and if you don’t have an issue with it, you certainly won’t mind watching Policegiri.

DCP Rudra Adityadevraj ( Sanjay Dutt) has his own way of bringing the goons to justice. He thus takes up against bad guy Nagori Subramaniyam (Prakash Raj) who bribes cops, kills innocent people and does not fear the law. Like Salman Khan’s Pandey ji, Rudra too feels for the public. He is the Robin Hood kind of cop, who helps the poor by punishing the corrupt. When he is not indulging in logic defying stunts, he romances Seher (Prachi Desai).

However, as an actor, Sanju does not ape Salman in any way. In spite of his age and not-so-fit body, Dutt manages to bring his own elements to the film. His individualistic style is what makes the film look different.

But not all is hunky-dory here. The very pretty Prachi Desai looks young enough to be Dutt’s daughter. Prakash Raj gets to mouth a few funny lines but overall, his character is way too lame compared to his previous roles. The second half drags endlessly. A ‘Sanju baba will be back’ message sits right on top of the end credits of the film. For his fans, he already is and he does pack a punch.

Story :-

An honest police office alters his principles and morals to give corrupt politicians and criminals a taste of their own medicine. He’s the ‘combo’ offer. He is a gunda and a good guy!

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