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Lekar Hum Deewana Dil


Review :-

Debutant director Arif Ali’s Lekar Hum Deewana Dil is a sweet film that borrows the elopement theory from evergreen 70s’-80s’ romances like Bobby, Love Story and Betaab. It even has shades of Arif’s older brother Imtiaz’s Jab We Met and Highway. But this has a mint-crisp feel with its .com lingo. The lack of melodrama, for most part of the movie, is also refreshing.

Dinoo (Armaan) and Karishma (Deeksha) are collegians who haven’t scratched the surface of their feelings for each other. They’re happy sipping strawberry milkshakes with buddies. But when the Shetty girl’s obstinate businessman dad wants her to marry a groom of his choice from within their community, she flips. On cue, good friend Dinoo and she fly the coup, also remembering to adopt a stray along the way.

Taking their deewana dil along and as is suggested in the Yaadon Ki Baaraat ditty, they go manzil manzil.

On the journey from Mumbai to Goa, over bottles of beer and zany nocturnal adventures, they swear undying love. As relatives attempt to hunt them down, the couple also safeguards itself with a chat mangni-pat shaadi without band, baaja and baaraat. The start of their idyllic life together is blissful because the girl’s every wish is the young boy’s command.

But when they run short on budgets, land in Naxalite territory (a strange detour with a raunchy item song – Mawaali Qawaali – thrown in), the screenplay takes an interesting twist.

AR Rahman lifts spirits with the club number Khalifa Khalifa and draws sighs with the poignant Alaahada. Armaan is endearing and energetic, getting you to warm up to him. Deeksha is confident and likeable. Bangalore boy Mahesh (Akhil) excels. And if you’re looking to cuddle up this monsoon just like the slightly mismatched young couple in the movie, attempt doing it the LHDD way.

Story :-

Buddies Dinoo and Karishma elope. En route, they discover love. However, their adventure comes unstuck when their lives are not in apple-pie order.

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