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Review :-

Saryu Bhan Singh (Vinod Khanna) is the godfather of Rajapur. He is the face of the coal mafia. From poor to rich, cops and political leaders to killers, everyone worships him. No one dares to raise their voice against his atrocities, barring IAS officer Nisheeth Kumar (Suniel Shetty). But Saryu’s henchman/ killing machine Karua (Vipinno) kidnaps the officer’s child, giving rise to more random killings.

Koyelaanchal lacks a proper story. From coal mafia to collector’s baby to Karua’s change of heart to Maoist movements, you keep wondering what the film is all about! Characters jump in and out of the film randomly. The action scenes are poorly executed and the sound effects are terrible. The intent was to expose the mafia’s atrocities but that does not come across at all. Supporting actors ham endlessly and a woman forever displaying her cleavage doesn’t salvage the poor script.

Though having a strong presence, both Vinod Khanna and Suniel Shetty are awfully wasted. Vipinno gets the maximum footage and he fails to deliver. Barring a few effective moments (a scene where Suniel Shetty loses his cool over the laidback authorities), nothing manages to evoke a reaction.

Stay away from these coal mines, rather yeh minewa se dur raho!

Story :-

Koyelaanchal is packaged as a saga of the coal mafia of Dhanbad, Jharkhand, but is actually just another tale of how an honest government officer takes on a crime lord.

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