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Review :-

Viki Kartoos (Harman Baweja) is a scarred child. He has lost his mother early in life and leads a loveless existence. His father, Rajit Kapur, advocates the ways of the Mahatma—asking his son to show his other cheek to some fat school bully who smacks him day in and day out. Beyond that, daddy dearest has no time for sonny boy. Surprisingly, he doesn’t even seem to notice his child’s continuously smacked cheeks. And in what is ridiculous and retarded, the father, who is constantly talking into a phone at the dinner table, notices a gun on his son, many moons after Viki has begun spending time with a local hoodlum Tony Mota (Prashant Narayan).

The goon grooms the boy to be “his bullet” to be used when the time is right. And, as one mentioned earlier, dad callously throws son out on the street and into the Mafioso Tony’s hands without an iota of emotion. The boy too has no remorse about choosing a life of crime. Almost making it seem like he has chosen candy. Though he is born middle-class and respectable, he happily apes Rocky, Tony, Khaleefa and such others.

Please note, none of the mafia dons instill fear, nor do they endear. They just talk, shoot and then talk some more, lulling you into sleep. For an action thriller, the narrative pace is so languid, you can take your popcorn and pee break between the times when two bullets are fired.

Lakwa (Sunny Deol) with a ridiculous North-Indian accent, sporting an unibrow and facial fuzz shows up in a wasted special appearance. Shilpa Shetty Kundra, the producer, shakes her booty in an item song with the end credits. After you have bitten this bullet for two hours, her dance soothes you, albeit for a wee bit.

Story :-

A young boy aspires to become a don when he grows up because he believes in settling scores as opposed to leading a life of Ahimsa.

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