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Desi Boyz


Review :-

It’s the crackling chemistry between John Abraham and Akshay Kumar which makes Desi Boyz such a fun film. The guy bonding between them had already been showcased in Garam Masala but this film carries the camaraderie even further. True, the film doesn’t boast of anything that even comes close to an intelligent quotient, but the perfectly tuned tango, salsa, hip hop between the boyz gives it a spicy edge and keeps you in your seats, goofily munching your popcorns.

John’s Nick, a high profile MBA from the London School of Economics, is the ambitious types who dreams of the great suburban life, with a beautiful wife (Deepika Padukone), two kids, a dog and a substantial bank balance. His girlfriend too believes that life cannot be lived on a mere chicken roll. Akshay’s Jerry is the more earthy kinds, happy to eke out a living as a mall attendant, as long as he is able to share his highs and lows with his best buddy and housemate, Nick. It’s Jerry who forces a reluctant Nick to join Sanjay Dutt’s Desi Boyz enterprise, when the ugly face of unemployment stares them in their face. Naturally, with their characteristic abs and biceps, it doesn’t take them long to become the hottest beefcake in town and life seems to be a roller coaster ride.Until Nick’s girl friend discovers them pole dancing and the social security officer sends Jerry’s ward off to foster parents. Time for turning the page and getting back to good, right and ethical life.

Debutant director Rohit Dhawan tells his story in a light vein and never compromises on the fun quotient. He seemed to have learnt his craft from his father, David Dhawan, well, but never plays it over the top like him. Moreover, he keeps the drama dizzily moving on and peppers it with a feisty screenplay, with some funny one-liners thrown in here and there. The telepathic conversation between John and Akshay is specially humourous and only augments their chemistry. Pritam’s music is full of verve and the title song, Desi Boyz, has already become a chartbuster. The girls, Deepika and Chitrangada maybe eye candy, but they are delicious, succulent and sizzling. If Deepika’s act is eyeball-grabbing, then Chitrangada’s Economic’s professor who sheds her clothes for every right answer is the stuff that dreams are made of: isn’t it guys! But eventually, ladies, this one is for you. Too much sizzle on screen. End result: Can’t take your eyes off.

Entertain yourself. Watch Desi Boyz.

Story :-

Jerry Patel (Akshay Kumar) and Nick Mathur (John Abraham), two victims of the global recession in UK are jobless and clueless about their future, despite having onerous responsibilities to shoulder. Jerry must look after his sister’s orphan little son and Nick has a high maintenance girlfriend ( Deepika Padukone) seeking fast matrimony. Desperate times force them to seek desperate measures for survival and they meet Sanjay Dutt who hires them as male escorts in his recession-proof company, Desi Boyz. Will our million dollar male escorts meet their responsibilities with their new and dubious credentials?

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