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Dee Saturday Night


Review :-

Filmmaker Jay Prakash intends to make an expose on the nightlife of Mumbai, a la Madhur Bhandarkar. But shoddy execution, poor performances and immature storytelling make it look too tacky for you to analyze the topic presented. The film borrows a lot from Page 3, be it socialite-bashing, Bollywood strugglers agreeing to compromise to get that big break or models doubling up as escorts. We have seen all of that before and handled in a much better way.

Here, almost everything gets overshadowed by skimpily clad women who are forever willing to sleep around and are proud enough to acknowledge it. Shaming the immoral ladies and gents is ACP Dhoble (Arif Zakaria), who goes on lecturing the miscreants every time he raids their parties.

Shalini Dixit (Mahi Khanduri), a small town girl, shifts to Mumbai and gets sucked into the DEE – ‘Dirty English Entertainment’ – culture of rich Mumbaikars (which explains the title). Can the good girl retain her ‘middle class’ values?

From drugs, betrayal, PDA, casual sex, adultery and dance bars to mafia, crime against women, cops and true love, the film free-floats. It lacks a definite purpose and this ruins everything. The casting and low production value add to the film’s misery for the rich don’t look ‘high-class’ to begin with.

Prashant Narayanan does a decent job as a henchman of a Dubai-based don but his role is inconsequential and so is the film.

Story :-

Sex, drugs and crime, the film criticizes the loose morals and frivolous lifestyle of the rich residing in Mumbai. It also pays an ode to cop Vasant Dhoble, who was in the news for his ‘moral policing’.

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